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Welcome to Angel Guided Meditations

Jill Harrison aka the UK's No.1 Angel-Messenger, is a Trance Channel for the Angelic Realm, Spiritual Coach and Author If you need guidance and support in any area of your life, exploring and connecting with the angelic realm will help you make sense of your life.

Jill Harrison's mission in life is to help you connect with the Angelic ream so that you can become empowered, find peace, love, joy, abundance and happiness. If you are looking for a way to communicate with angels Jill can help you.

Jill Harrison has a great selection of angel readings, messages from angels, guided meditations, books with trance-channelled messages from the Angelic Realm and a whole host of spiritual tools to help you connect with your higher-self and inner guidance.

Angel Classes

Looking for Angel Classes with a difference?

Archangel-Ray Healing…. Beyond Reiki

Learn this powerful new Archangel-Ray healing energy-therapy, direct from Source; to aid yourself or others in the healing process.

Energy Attunements

The energy attunements give you the opportunity to clear, heal and align yourself with a particular Archangel, Ascended Masters or Higher-Dimensional Beings Energies.

These attunements will help you to expand your spiritual ability, whilst assisting you in your soul's growth on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Transcend your current level of awareness and experience an energy attunement that will help you awaken, transform and anchor into your being more light.