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Public contributions allow us to establish and sustain powerful, transformative, life changing webinars, training programs and retreats at affordable prices. Through donations, we provide support for new and ongoing dedicated spiritual students.

To sustain our spiritual work, we seek philanthropic partners who share our vision—people like you.   Through your gifts, we can put Angel Messenger on firm financial footing, achieve all the important goals we have set for ourselves, and optimise spiritual lifelong learning for all.

Gifts of any size are vitally important. We will be happy to work with you to develop a gift that matches your interests to our most pressing needs.

Is cutting-edge spiritual education your passion? 

We have made excellent use of initial funding from generous donatations to support students around the world have access to free spiritual learning information and classes through social media and the worldwide web. We need your help to create new sources of funding so we can continue our work.

Do you want to help others in their spiritual growth and personal development? 

Throughtout our lives there often comes periods where we need support, be it coaching, guidance, mentorship and motivation. We need your help to build an endowed fund that will support people in their time of need, in perpetuity.


Please consider supporting us with a donation to help us carry out our mission, to help others to reach their highest personal and spiritual potential. Even the price of a cup of coffee would help us to help more people.

How You Can Help

If you have benefited from our books, meditations and teachings, please consider a donation today.

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Donations received are used as follows:

  • 100% of the donations to our mission will be used solely for the purposes of furthering and helping others to find spiritual education and support where needed.
  • Recurring gifts (monthly or other scheduled donations) will be used to fund the day to day operations of our mission to support people in need.

Should you wish to set up a monthly occurring donation, please email us for further details.


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