What Is My Soul Name? – Channelled Angel Reading

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Discover Your Soul Name – Have you ever wondered ‘What is my soul name?’, Jill Harrison will trance-channel Archangel Metatron for you and discover your soul’s name and the life lessons and challenges your soul is currently working on in this life.

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Discover Your Soul Name!

Before you incarnated your soul chose a name, which would help you enter the right vibration for your soul to achieve its destiny in this lifetime. However, when your soul was created it was given a name that is eternally linked to your soul. This name creates a harmonic vibration that helps you unlock your potential and enables you to reconnect with your inner soul.

By using your soul name as a mantra or speaking your name during prayer, you will be able to unlock the hidden knowledge of who you used to be, who you are and who you are becoming.

What Are The Benefits Of This Reading?

  • Opens up your throat and heart chakras
  • Awakens you up to your soul’s purpose
  • Enables you to access your soul’s wisdom
  • Expands your love vibration
  • Opens your soul’s prophecy gateway  so you can achieve your divine purpose
  • Releases you from old karmic influences
  • Access the power of your soul

Let Jill Harrison trance-channel this information with the help of Archangel Metatron for you and help you discover your soul’s name vibration,  your life lessons and challenges your soul is currently working on in this life.

This channeled angel reading provides you with a certificate of your name and a description of the meaning of your soul name.

To receive your channelled angel reading, please supply me with your birth name and date of birth so that I can access your Akashic Records and read your soul name’s vibration.

10 reviews for What Is My Soul Name? – Channelled Angel Reading

  1. William Wilson from Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland

    Thank you for the soul name reading which I did a bit more delving into once I heard from you – I don’t feel 2.1 million miles tall just now , This from the Torah >>>>>
    Hadraniel (or Hadarniel among other variant spellings), whose name means “majesty [or greatness] of God”, is an angel in Jewish Angelology assigned as gatekeeper at the second gate in heaven.[1] He is supposed to be more than sixty myriads of parasangs (approximately 2.1 million miles) tall and a daunting figure to face.
    When Moses arrived in heaven to get the Torah from God, it was said that he was speechless with awe at the sight of Hadraniel.[2] Hadraniel didn’t think Moses should have the Torah, and made him weep in fear, which caused God to appear and reprimand Hadraniel for causing problems. Hadraniel quickly decided to behave and acted as a guide for Moses. This was a great help, for (according to Zoharic legend) “when Hadraniel proclaims the will of the Lord, his voice penetrates through 200,000 firmaments.”[3] Also, according to the Revelation of Moses, “with every word from his (Hadraniel’s) mouth go forth 12,000 flashes of lightning.”[4]
    In Gnosticism Hadraniel is only one of seven subordinates to Jehuel, prince of fire (King,p. 15). In the Zohar (55b), Hadraniel speaks to Adam about Adam’s possession of the Book of the Angel Raziel, which was said to contain secret information that not even the angels knew

  2. John Fowler from Gloucesterhire, UK

    Many thanks to Archangel Metatron and Jill for my Soul name God begotten. Also, including soul alignment with A. Uriel and Raphael, they have assisted me between lives also this incarnation. Such information is helpful and obviously very personal.

  3. Debbie from Coventry

    I was at a point where I was feeling very lost and had no idea where to go from here. My Soul Name reading from Archangel Metatron and Jill arrived. It is so beautifully illustrated. I now have a lot of pointers about how to get from where I am now to where I need to be. I am also loving my Soul name – Adinahel.
    Thank you and Blessings from the heart to both Archangel Metatron and Jill Harrison xxx

  4. Debbie from Northumberland

    Lovely little reading!! My soul name means GODS PEARL, I smiled when I read it as I totally adore my freshwater pearls, so it seemed totally appropriate for me. I`ve already dealt with some of my life lessons and I`m working on the rest now. I loved the last on which was too lighten up and relax lol, thank you very much Jill xxx

  5. Sue Parker from The Catlins, New Zealand

    Thank you A.A. Metatron/Jill Harrison. Boy did I need this today! I love the comment ‘lighten up and relax’! I have been struggling with several things since the beginning of this year and feeling very frustrated. Once more you have put me back on track; showing me the things that are truly important. ‘You must overcome guilt when enjoying yourself’! This is something that I have struggled to do for five years since our youngest son died. I have taken this on board!

    Thank you again xx

  6. Helene Gere from Prineville, Oregon

    I loved the reading. I can relate to what it said. It gave me a sense of peace. Thank you. Love and blessings to all.

  7. Terri from Inverness

    It was a very heart opening moment connecting with my soul name I was so full of joy on every level. The life lessons my soul needs to learn in this lifetime are absolutely me, this reading was so spot on ! To see validation that in some areas I have been on the right path of learning and growth but to see where I need to be working on in other areas is such a blessing. As Jill suggests I use my soul name in prayer and meditations ~ Thank you Jill and Archangel Metatron . Highly recommend.

  8. Schabofourtysix from Portugal

    Love my soul name!
    Meaning god’s tester
    Not so sure what ‘s that supposed to mean.
    The lessons I have to learn totally reflect my entire life.
    From learning to be independent, going my own way, standing up for what I believe is right, all reflects my experiences from my childhood until now. The thing I struggle still with is possibly the balance of my emotions and accepting authorities( hm well that depends who they are and if they are misusing theirs in my eyes!!!
    Many thanks Jill its greAt!

  9. pete slater from Derby


    Dynamite in a very gentle velvet glove. No problem with understanding this very clearly given message.
    Spot on as always with Jill’s readings and touched all the tender places.
    More hard work ahead!
    Thank you Jill….

  10. Wendy from South Yorkshire

    Wonderful! Makes perfect sense to me. Thank you x

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