Unique Organic Electro Magnetic Light Healing Sphere 72mm (Grade B+)

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RRP £147.00 – This electro magnetic light healing sphere changes colour as you turn it in your hand with a dazzling array of colours, giving you energy colour healing rays to help balance your own auric field, which in turn will help to restore balance in the physical and emotional bodies.

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Unique Organic Electro Magnetic Light Healing Sphere, producing the purest most vibrant colours imaginable. RRP £147.00 – This one £77.00.
NB- This Item is Only despatched to UK Addresses

Please note:- In the complex process of making these by hand, there are inevitable flaws and inclusions, just like with crystals and gems. The Maestro who makes these for us, grades his finished product, just like diamonds are graded. Some have more flaws and inclusions than others. The price reflects the grading, but in no way deters from the overall effects and the healing qualities. Approx 240g.This electro magnetic light healing sphere changes colour as you turn it in your hand with a dazzling array of colours, giving you energy colour healing rays to help balance your own auric field, which in turn will help to restore balance in the physical and emotional bodies.

THERE ARE NO COLOURS, DYES, PIGMENTS or METALLICS inside these light healing spheres! They are simulated crystal spheres, twice as strong as glass and hundreds of times more expensive to produce. Absolutely unique.

Colour without pigments?

The colours that we see in everyday life arise from the use of pigments, dyes or colours contained in a material, and these colours are known as fixed or “static” colours. They will always be the same no matter what angle they are viewed at.

The electro magnetic light healing sphere does not use these static colours and is, in theory, completely transparent. The other type of colours we are able to see are known as “structural” colours, and these are typically more brilliant and striking than conventional “static” colours. The iridescent wings of a butterfly, for example, rely on having structural colour. Cells are arranged in a geometric pattern at molecular level and are completely invisible to the naked eye. These refract light at different frequencies within the visible spectrum to produce some of the most unusual healing colour combinations. The use of structural colour makes these light sphers radically different from every other kind of sphere on Earth, allowing you to see the purest, most eye-catching array of colours.

Modern technology and sophisticated equipment make it possible to arrange cells at molecular level…..known as nanotechnology, and the colours you see in these light healing spheres are the result of such cutting-edge technology.

Each and every healing sphere is created by hand under controlled conditions before being hand-polished to a wonderfully tactile finish, and every one is different, allowing you to see some of the most interesting and hypnotic colour combinations imaginable.The light healing sphere is therefore unique and can be used in a number of different ways. It is different things to different people.

Some suggested applications include;

  1. Healing Sphere – This magnetic light healing sphere is very receptive to being programmed, if you’re an energy healer, you can attune this sphere to specifically radiate the vibrational colour rays required for a particular ailment or symptom. You can then place this sphere on the place where healing is required and channel energy through the sphere into the client. Alternatively you can ask the client to hold the sphere whilst receiving a treatment.
  2. Meditation/Scrying tool – To focus and clear the mind. Lose yourself in the colours, as you gaze upon the sphere it will reveal other dimensions, it will resonate colours to help your third eye expand so you can gain greater clarity.
  3. Suncatcher (Feng Shui) – To produce a rainbow of colours inside a room and move stagnant chi.
  4. Colour therapy – Holding the sphere and focusing on the colours will help to relieve stress, worry and anxiety.
  5. Room Energiser – This light healing sphere radiates various colours to act as an emotional balancer it is ideal for therapy rooms, busy living rooms or offices.
Size: 72mm (2 3/4 inch)

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5 reviews for Unique Organic Electro Magnetic Light Healing Sphere 72mm (Grade B+)

  1. Wendy Raymond

    Bought to help my 86 year old relative who has Alzheimer’s . She had it in her bedroom on a shelf above her bed last night – in the morning she said that she woke in the night and the sphere was in her right hand ! It was still on the shelf. She has calmed down a lot and is now taking her meds which she had not taken for 6 weeks. This has in only three days made a difference to the energy in the house and to both of us. Thank you. 

  2. Sean Maloney

    Love the sphere, really great tool for meditation. Definitely enhances and deepens the meditation so i use it all the time. Also great just to look at and play with outside in the sun. Thanks for this 

  3. Melanie Wyman

    I bought the sphere as a present for someone with Alzheimer”s. They are very taken with it and like to have it in their line of sight when not holding it. They have only had the sphere a couple of days but seem more grounded and settled. Long may it continue! Thanks to Jill and Glen for sending so promptly as well. 

  4. Diane Woodsford

    I received my sphere in a few days even though it was over a Bank holiday. I thought you might like to know of my experiences when I had my Reiki healing group here a few days later. Each person held the sphere during their treatment on the table and some very strange things happened. Some felt the sphere ❻disappear❼ under their hands (including me), others felt as if they were floating off the table, and others felt it go very hot. But our overriding experience, and which happened to all of us, was that whereas the colours are vibrant and deep normally, whilst we were having healing they went very pale and were in pastel shades. In one case there was no colour at all at the end but it returned as soon as the healing was finished. We had a discussion afterwards and the conclusion we all came to was that we were absorbing the vibrations of the colours into our bodies as part of the healing. We have been together as a group for many years and the healing we experience is always very powerful (we all feel ❻very connected❼ as of course we are) but this time we all said that the healing ❻felt different❼. I have also noticed the colours change even though the sphere is completely still and not in sunlight. It is a wonderful product and I am so glad I bought it. Definitely one of my best purchases – ever. 

  5. Susan Kasinger

    Good morning, I wanted to tell you that I placed the Electro Magnetic Healing Sphere next to the TV so when my husband watches it, he would see the colors and for the first time ever he mentioned God during a conversation. I was always under the impression that he didn”t believe in God, he also was talking about something that he forgot to do at work (a $100,000 mistake) and he said that ignorance is no excuse. I have never heard him take responsibility for his actions before and his usual sarcasm is not so bad anymore. He didn”t even get drunk during the time I was there, I would like to order another one eventually because we live in two separate towns, and him not even consciously looking at the sphere is obviously changing something in him. I really love mine and I pack it back and forth between islands. My mom took over the copper and crystal ball that I bought so I will have to order another one of those she is 80 and has arthritis in the base of her skull, she thinks there is magic in the ball. Thank you for helping so many people.

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