Unique Organic Electro Magnetic Light Healing Sphere 72mm (Grade A)

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RRP £147.00 – This electro magnetic light healing sphere changes colour as you turn it in your hand with a dazzling array of colours, giving you energy colour healing rays to help balance your own auric field, which in turn will help to restore balance in the physical and emotional bodies.
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Unique Organic Electro Magnetic Light Healing Sphere, producing the purest most vibrant colours imaginable. RRP £147.00. 

This electro magnetic light healing sphere changes colour as you turn it in your hand with a dazzling array of colours, giving you energy colour healing rays to help balance your own auric field, which in turn will help to restore balance in the physical and emotional bodies.THERE ARE NO COLOURS, DYES, PIGMENTS or METALLICS inside these light healing spheres! They are simulated crystal spheres, twice as strong as glass and hundreds of times more expensive to produce. Absolutely unique.

Colour without pigments?

The colours that we see in everyday life arise from the use of pigments, dyes or colours contained in a material, and these colours are known as fixed or “static” colours. They will always be the same no matter what angle they are viewed at.

The electro magnetic light healing sphere does not use these static colours and is, in theory, completely transparent. The other type of colours we are able to see are known as “structural” colours, and these are typically more brilliant and striking than conventional “static” colours. The iridescent wings of a butterfly, for example, rely on having structural colour. Cells are arranged in a geometric pattern at molecular level and are completely invisible to the naked eye. These refract light at different frequencies within the visible spectrum to produce some of the most unusual healing colour combinations. The use of structural colour makes these light sphers radically different from every other kind of sphere on Earth, allowing you to see the purest, most eye-catching array of colours.

Modern technology and sophisticated equipment make it possible to arrange cells at molecular level…..known as nanotechnology, and the colours you see in these light healing spheres are the result of such cutting-edge technology.

Each and every healing sphere is created by hand under controlled conditions before being hand-polished to a wonderfully tactile finish, and every one is different, allowing you to see some of the most interesting and hypnotic colour combinations imaginable.The light healing sphere is therefore unique and can be used in a number of different ways. It is different things to different people.

Some suggested applications include;

  1. Healing Sphere – This magnetic light healing sphere is very receptive to being programmed, if you’re an energy healer, you can attune this sphere to specifically radiate the vibrational colour rays required for a particular ailment or symptom. You can then place this sphere on the place where healing is required and channel energy through the sphere into the client. Alternatively you can ask the client to hold the sphere whilst receiving a treatment.
  2. Meditation/Scrying tool – To focus and clear the mind. Lose yourself in the colours, as you gaze upon the sphere it will reveal other dimensions, it will resonate colours to help your third eye expand so you can gain greater clarity.
  3. Suncatcher (Feng Shui) – To produce a rainbow of colours inside a room and move stagnant chi.
  4. Colour therapy – Holding the sphere and focusing on the colours will help to relieve stress, worry and anxiety.
  5. Room Energiser – This light healing sphere radiates various colours to act as an emotional balancer it is ideal for therapy rooms, busy living rooms or offices.
Size: 72mm (2 3/4 inch)

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6 reviews for Unique Organic Electro Magnetic Light Healing Sphere 72mm (Grade A)

  1. Gladys Salmon from London, UK

    I am so pleased with this beautiful ball. My friend bought it for my husband who has Alzheimers he is 89 years old, I am 85. My husband used to get in a really uptight fretful state, but since he got this ball, he is so much calmer. He spends ages just gazing at the colours, thank you so much, you have no idea how helpful this has been. He even takes it in the bath with him. I will be ordering another one soon because my friend’s son is slightly autistic and he is quite taken with the ball too when he visits. Please tell Glenn he should show his balls to more to people, I am sure they would be impressed.

  2. Mary Jean from Glos

    I cannot believe this. I ordered it yesterday and today I have it. It is so beautiful and I can’t wait to see the effects. I didn’t want to put it down!! Thank you so much.

  3. Lynn Wells from Normanton

    My sphere arrived within 2 days, can’t put it down it’s amazing, thank you for your excellent service. I already feel connected to spirit when I hold it, looking forward to showing my friends it, I am sure they will be jealous, it’s beautiful and much bigger than I thought, thank you once again for your excellent service.

  4. Karin Nemet

    Hi Glenn & Jill. Received your parcel within 3 days of ordering – amazing thank you. Wow!!!! is the only word – its beautiful, brilliant, and an amazing tool. It has opened up my senses literally within a 2-day period, I am hearing quietly all sorts of things; people talking, outline of some people when eyes are closed. I feel as if I have a lot, lot more clarity in all my senses. It’s like I have woken up and see things clearer now; all in a short space of time. What a wonderful orb, I’ll never let it go. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to own one of these miraculous orbs.

  5. Lyn Kershaw

    WOW did I say WOW? The sphere had me hooked from the video above, but the real thing is so much more. The different colours and facets have a wonderful fascination, drawing you in and clearing negative thoughts away allowing a clearer picture to emerge. I feel that it is going to be my most important spiritual tool for many years to come – if not this lifetime – and the next! Many thanks; I don’t know where you found them, but I am very glad you did. Lyn

  6. Debbie Smith

    I`m just so delighted to have received my organic light magnetic sphere, its just so beautiful to stare at and it makes me feel so relaxed and calm, its like a magical tool and all I need now is a little fancy stand to sit it on. Thank you to Jill & Glenn as these really are quite a bargain xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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