Finding Peace – A Journey into Being – Live Webinar



This finding peace webinar brings you the opportunity to explore the mystery of your essence. Take a journey with us into the unknown to discover how limitless you truly are.

Have you ever wondered ‘How To Find Peace?’

This healing webinar offers you an opportunity to discuss and explore how to hold the inner essence of peace and joy whilst the world around you seems chaotic and restless. 

Experience Ultimate Relaxation

Experience different states of being, journey through the doorways and portals of timelessness and develop your ability to eliminate suffering, stress and anxiety.

  • Would you like to discover that place within you that helps you instantly release your stress and anxiety?
  • Have you ever wished you could stop the mental chatter of your mind?
  • Do you often feel held back by your fears?
  • Do you often find your thoughts rob you of experiencing joy and happiness?
  • Do you struggle to meditate?

This webinar is an opportunity for you to discover how you can significantly change your life and tap into peace. During this educational webinar, you will be guided on simple, but highly effective practices which will help you move from feeling powerless to powerful. It will help you move from a place of unrest into a peaceful presence. 

If you would like an opportunity to explore your own essence and learn how to sit within your own power, this webinar is for you.

This powerful healing webinar offers you an opportunity to: – 

  • Release all stress, frustration and toxic stories that are carried within your energy fields
  • Move beyond fear
  • Discover how to quickly and easily relax your body
  • Feel a profound relaxation and sense of peace
  • Experience a reconnection with your own soul
  • Discover how to move beyond thought into the dimension of peace
  • Eliminate insomnia – mind chatter – fear
  • Explore specific practices that help you discover how to live in the present moment.
  • Understand how to make a significant life change without very much effort at all.
  • Discover your essence and what you are becoming


If you would like to be part of this wonderful webinar, reserve your place today. 

21st July 2020 @ 7 pm London GMT
Live Internet Webinar



Is this Webinar Recorded – Will I be able to watch a replay if I miss the webinar? – No

I am interested in this webinar, but I don’t know what a webinar is, or how to join – A webinar is like attending a class, but rather than going to a classroom you watch on the internet like you would watch a YouTube video. Our webinars are hosted by Zoom. If you have not used Zoom before, please use this link here for a short video to show you how to join our webinar: –

What happens if I miss the webinar, will I get a refund? Just like booking an aeroplane ticket or a ticket to see a concert, there are no refunds for non-attendance. We ask all students to ensure they register as early as they can, and if this is their first time joining a webinar, to ensure they sign in a minimum 30 minutes before to ensure they can access the waiting room. This way, in the unlikely event an issue arises, we have time to assist you. 




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