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Connect with your Starseed Spirit Guide so you can work with your guides and deepen your own ability to receive intuitive guidance and accelerate your soul’s growth.

This particular attunement connects you to your Starseed spirit guides through your Akashic Records and acts as a conduit so you can work with your spirit guide for healing, guidance and teaching.

Everyone has a spirit guide, and starseed’s in particular need to work with their spirit guide to uncover those dormant starseed gifts that they came to the Earth plane to work with and develop.

By attuning to your Starseed spirit guide you enable your spirit guide to bring to you the assistance that will help you navigate and orientate yourself in the human world.  This spirit guide attunement will help you align, feel, or hear and see your guide so you can communicate directly with them.

Imagine being able to communicate with your spirit guide and explore the vast amounts of guidance, support and healing energies you can access. Whether you are in need of personal or professional guidance, your starseed guide will help you to see your life unfolding through new eyes. Your guide has been with you all along and although other people may say you have a guide, why not give yourself the opportunity to attune and become aware of your starseed spirit guide yourself.

Do you have more than one Starseed spirit guide?

We sure do, if you are a starseed it is possible that you may have many different guides depending on your starseed DNA. 

If you’d like to become more aware of your starseed guides, book your attunement today. 

Which Starseed Guide Do I Choose?

Look at this list of guides and see which one resonates the most with you and start with that one, alternatively if you would like to receive starseed mentoring to accelerate your own spiritual growth, choose the complete package so you can enable each guide to work with you as and when you need them.

  1. Algalithian
  2. Agarthan
  3. Pleiadian
  4. Sirian
  5. Andromedan
  6. Arcturian
  7. Orion
  8. Lyran
  9. Vegan
  10. Hathor
  11. Zeta Retiuli
  12. Avian
  13. Feline

SPECIAL OFFER – get all 13 for £449.00
(Normally £572.00 SAVE £123.00)


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Starseed Spirit Guides

Agarthan, Algalithian, Andromedan, Arcturian, Avian, Feline, Hathor, Lyran, Orion, Pleiadian, Sirian, Special Offer – All Guides, Vegan, Zeta Reticuli

1 review for Starseed Spirit Guide Attunement

  1. Glenda

    This was truly an amazing attunement experience! I feel so much freer now. I actually felt and experienced on a really deep level how these attunements are elevating my awareness exponentially and working with these powerful different guides is phenomenal! Thank you so very much for all your help in helping me to find my way home to where I belong. The integrity of your work and the amazing energies of each attunement are truly out of this world.

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