Starseed Celestial Ascension Attunement – Level 2 – Intermediate




  • Consciousness Expansion – Sirian Attunement

  • Divine Healing Light Activation – Algalithian Attunement

  • Divine Codes Attunement – Lyran Attunement

  • Energy Body Restoration – Arcturian Attunement

  • Indigo Light Code Retrieval – Pleiadian Attunement

Consciousness Expansion – Sirian Attunement.

If you’re tired of trying to understand the information and guidance you receive from spirit, this will help you to fine tune the divine messages you receive from the multiverse. This attunement really helps you to understand when you are downloading higher dimensional information and how to use that information for greater light-body integration. If you’ve been looking for a way to work with, and understand light language, and divine matrix codings, this attunement will help you work with eternal source.

Divine Healing Light Activation – Algalithian Attunement

This particular attunement unlocks the multiversal codes of healing that are held within your DNA. This activation will amplify your experiences in mediation, prayer, healing and psychic ability.

Divine Code Attunement – Lyran Attunement

This Starseed attunement is a core power attunement that raises your frequencies for healing and transformation that will help your physical body to reset energy blockages and imbalances. Each download will regenerate and rejuvenate you on a cellular level. This means releasing toxicity of your physical organs, tissues and cells. Not only does this Divine Code heal on a physical level but it strengthens the emotional body thereby promoting emotional and mental fatigue.

Energy Body Restoration – Arcturian Attunement

This energy body restoration attunement with the Arcturians completely resets meridian and chakra systems thereby promoting well-being, working in alignment with your soul’s blueprint, the Arcutrians will work on you to heal and repair your multiversal heart and auric fields. All energy systems throughout all time lines and dimensions will receive powerful etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healing. This is a powerful reharmonising attunement that aligns you with the multiversal cosmic pulse.

Indigo Light Code Retrieval Attunement – Pleiadian Attunement

This attunement with the Sirians will amplify your ability to communicate with all forms of life on an extremely deep level. It is often referred to as the Central Sun Soul Empath attunement.  The Pleiadian’s will imprint into your energy fields the Indigo colours of blue-violet to activate your Indigo abilities and attune you with the Indigo Starseeds.  Unconditional love and embracing the ancient skill of ‘The Knowing’ are brought forth in this powerful and beautiful attunement. This Starseed personal Growth attunement will reawaken the creative aspect of your soul, along with animal communication, foresight, remote viewing and telekinesis skills

NOTE*** You must have completed Starseed Celestial Ascension Activation Level 1 before doing this particular set of attunements.


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