Lyran Multi-Dimensional Starseed Soul Defragmentation Attunements

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Do You Feel Very Much Alone in the World? Experience a multi-dimensional Lyran energy infusion​​​​​​​. Experience a shift in perspective. Heal aspects of Starseed Soul fragmentation. Reconnect with your galactic family

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Experience a multi-dimensional Lyran energy infusion
Experience a shift in perspective
Heal aspects of Starseed Soul fragmentation
Reconnect with your galactic family

This beautiful healing starseed attunement is specifically for those starseeds who: –
Feel very alone
Are very self-aware of being different in some way
Feel they don’t belong on Earth
Don’t identify with other human traits such as ego, hate and cruelty
Is easily affected by energy vibrations of places, people and things
Feels a strong connection with Cetaceans (Dolphins & Whales)
Has a very strong desire/need for unity, peace and love
This powerful attunement attunes and aligns your human energy fields with the Lyran crystalline higher frequencies. The Lyrans were responsible for seeding numerous races including the human race. Lyrans have moved beyond polarity. They have mastered evolution and unified consciousness.

Some starseeds during their travels to other planets, meeting with other races and incarnating on Earth experienced multi-dimensional soul fragmentation. This, for some starseeds, resulted in soul separation identity crises. Now this attunement is being offered by the Lyrans to heal Starseed Multi-Dimensional Soul Fragmentation, to help starseeds experience a shift in their perspective from humanoid back to multi-dimensional starseed.

Experience a multi-dimensional Lyran energy infusion to help you heal all aspects of your multi-dimensional starseed soul. Through this healing session, it will enable to you to once more connect with your galactic family energies for support, guidance and healing.

This powerful healing attunement uses sound and distance energy attunements to help you experience a series of incremental energy imprints to help your soul realign itself back to its true Soul Essence energy form.

Three distance sound and energy attunements will be sent to assist you in once more embracing your multi-dimensional soul’s essence, which in turn will help you to understand your purpose, and heal you from soul separation identity issues.

How Do I Receive This Order?

Once you place your order, your attunment will be prepared for you. You will then be sent a booklet which explains how to do your attunement, along with three mp3 sound files for you to listen to during each attunement session. You can either do the attunements back-to-back (one after the other), or you can space them apart and do them over a few days, which ever you prefer. Each attunement session takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

1 review for Lyran Multi-Dimensional Starseed Soul Defragmentation Attunements

  1. Alicia James from Washington DC, USA

    This was a really mindblowing attunement. The first session was a little uncomfortable I could literally feel energy blocks being removed and I had to focus really hard to breathe and release the energies but I stuck with it and within seven minutes or so the energies changed I suddenly felt myself being lifted up out of my body and I could see my body below me. I have never had an out of body experience before and it was quite weird to see my body below but I could feel the presence of the Lyrans and a lyran guide was holding my shoulders. I then reentered my body and felt such peace. My second session was a total healing and again jaw dropping experience I could feel my physical body getting heavier and heavier and then there was like a pop and I was in this space ship and the Lyrans were there talking with me. They showed me my life as a starseed and it made me cry at the pure love and beauty I felt of just being with them I did not want to come back. My third session I wanted to do but was hoping I would not be disappointed after the other two so I was kind of scared to do it. I left it a few days before doing my final attunement session. As soon as the attunement began I could feel myself vibrating really fast, the waves of energies were so strong. I could feel my heart pounding I knew I was going deeper and deeper into a trance like state and then is was like I ceased to exist instead I was just part of the universe, I have never felt such peace. It was like I knew who I really was, my purpose, everything it was as though I was part of the cosmic flow. I felt the presence of the Lyrans once more and was totally transported to being at one with everything. You have to do these attunements they are out of this world excuse the pun. Since my attunements I have felt such a deep contentment like I am in the world but not of it if you kind of understand what I mean. It is as though everything is luminescant transient I can see the flow of energy in and around everything and everyone like a voyeur I can watch life unfold without feeling I have to be or do something words cannot describe how wonderful everything is I hope this will last but I have found listening back on the attunement tones straight away puts be back in my starseed zone thank you so much for bringing these amazing energies to the world.

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