Finding The Light Within Master Class

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This master class is an introduction to mediumship, spirit communication and learning how spirit communicates with and through you.


Are you ready to unlock your ability to talk with spirit?

Join me and learn simple techniques that instantly open your connection with the spiritual realm.

If you’ve been searching for a way to unlock your psychic abilities and access clear guidance, this class is for you.

Throughout my years as a spiritual teacher and spirit channel, the main problem people have when it comes to spirit communication is trusting and qualifying who they are receiving messages from. This inability to qualify where the information is coming from often means doubt interferes with them feeling satisfied with their own abilities.

Do you feel….

  • Lost about how to talk with spirit?
  • Know you’re psychic but want to find a deeper way to connect with spirit?
  • Sceptical about your ability to communicate with spirit?

This master class can help. Change your life for the better and join us in connecting with the spiritual realm. 

We will take you from what seems impossible or confusing and help you to empower your psychic gifts. We make it fun and easy with simple and practical ways for you to access your psychic abilities.

Once you step into using your psychic abilities to communicate with the spiritual realm, you will be able to: –

  • Access the multitude of spiritual realms for healing, transformation and guidance.
  • Instantly recognise and connect with loved ones who have passed over.
  • Uncover your psychic abilities and how to use them for spiritual wisdom.
  • Transform your life for the better.


This 2-day master class is an incredible opportunity to help you begin your authentic soul journey.


Don’t feel this master-class isn’t for you or can’t help you. Get the help you need by joining us on this life-changing master class. Take a moment to consider how different your life would be, if you could access clear psychic insight into you, other people and all of life’s situations?

Consider how much easier would your life be, if you had instant access to your angels, guides and loved ones?

Using your own psychic gifts can help you to: –

  • Understand your soul’s journey and mission
  • Tap into abundance, joy and love
  • Guide you to the perfect career for you
  • Help you to recognise those people who will be able to support you in your soul’s journey
  • Find your soul-mate
  • Improve your relationships with others
  • Increase your ability to manifest greater abundance
  • Recognise danger
  • Access support from spirit in times of challenge or trouble
  • Access healing
  • Feel more in sync with the flow of life and others
  • Feel a greater sense of connection
  • Combat loneliness and feelings of separation

This master class is the perfect way to learn how to utilise your own psychic gifts, because it will show you how to simply and easily communicate with spirit, and understand how you work with spirit and how they work through you.

We will walk you through how to simply access different spiritual realms and recognise the difference in energies.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or already utilising your psychic gifts, this 2-day master class will help you deepen your connection with spirit and develop your mediumship abilities.

Take a quantum leap in expanding your psychic gifts and move beyond where you are right now AND…

Channel messages from the spiritual realm for yourself or others AND…

Release yourself from spiritual doubt and confusion.

Come and join us for a weekend of profound spiritual love, connection and energy.

You can use what is taught in this master class to help you in:-

  • Personal growth
  • Soul growth
  • Healing
  • Channelling
  • Energy Healing
  • Medical intuition
  • Aura readings

So, book your place and take a journey into Divine Consciousness and Divine Communication.


Feeling our essence is key to transformation. When we connect with our essence, we are able to feel and merge with the presence of spirit.

In this master class, we will be exploring the soul and how to connect to its essence. By learning about your own essence you give yourself the keys to understand your divinity and divine purpose.

When we are on a journey of spiritual growth our expectations often limit our potential. Join us for a weekend where you learn how to be present in the heart, so you can recognise your light.

If you’ve been wondering where you are in terms of your spirituality, join us for a weekend of friendship, exploration and soul mentorship.

If you’re looking for soul reconnection, come along and uncover how to get yourself out of the way so that spirit can communicate with you and support you.

This master class is an introduction to mediumship, spirit communication and learning how spirit communicates with and through you.


If you feel you’d like to learn the language of spirit,
book your place today as places are limited to just 10 people.

Master Class Itinerary

Day 1

09:30  – Registration
10:00 – Attuning to spirit
10:30 – Understanding Spirit Communication and recognising your light
11:00 – Tea/Coffee Break
11:30 – Soul Connection – Learning how spirit communicates with you and through you.
13:00 – Lunch
13:45  – How To Get Yourself Out of The Way – Working with Spirit – part 1
14:00 – Tea/Coffee Break
14:30 – Understanding Mediumship – How to work with the energy of loved ones
15:30 – Spirit Guidance
16:30 – Finish

Day 2

09:30  – Registration
10:00 – Attuning to spirit
10:30 – Working with the Psychic
11:00 – Tea/Coffee Break
11:30 – Psychic Readings – How to work with the energy of the person in front of you.
13:00 – Lunch
13:45 – Group Session
14:00 – Tea/Coffee Break
14:30 – Spiritual Signposts – Understanding Spirit Shorthand
15:00 –  Merging with the presence of spirit
16:00 – Group Session
16:30 – Finish

When and Where is the Master Class taking place?

This Class is taking place on the 4 & 5 April 2020 at: – Montagu House – London Rd, Retford, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, DN22 7JJ

What Happens After I Book My Place?

Once we receive your order, we will process it and send you a booking confirmation email with details of everything you need to know in order to attend. This includes information such as additional accommodation options, food options, and directions. Please ensure you have read our terms and conditions prior to booking.


If you have already attended this class, but wish to attend again to further develop your mediumship ability, please let me know upon booking. All returning students will receive a discount credit of £20.00

3 reviews for Finding The Light Within Master Class

  1. Ian Newton

    Thank you Jill so much for a fantastic weekend, I still can’t take in how inspirational it was. The information and techniques you give us to work with are out of this world. You have given me my thirst for knowledge back, thank you x

  2. Vera Melzheimer

    I absolut agree with Ian. I had a great weekend and I can’t quite put into words what an amazing weekend it was. But definitely want to learn more. Thank you very much for this, Jill.💜

  3. Martin Lloyd

    Very much needed and appreciated this weekend Jill. This course has given me so much positive encouragement in mediumship and I have surprised myself at how easy it can be with the right training and techniques. Thank you so much Jill, look forward to the next one. 💖xx

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