Conversations with Archangels 1 – [Cashing in on God (Hardback Book)]

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This is our first book which introduces you to our first contact with the angelic realm. Spirit started to channel through Jill and talk to Glenn in 2005; and from that moment, they came in thick and fast to share their knowledge with the world. The uniqueness is the conversations where we challenge the angelic realm to reson with us about their messages.

Reviewed by Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas for Reader Views (11/06)

Glenn Harrison was born in one of the roughest parts of Sheffield, England, UK, in 1954. Times were tough, and his family had little or no loving interaction with him. Glenn learned at a very early age that if he was going to survive, he had to grow up and grow up fast. “Survival of the fittest” was his motto and way of living his life. He had a few people around him that were of a religious nature, but life itself taught Glenn that the only person he could really believe in…was himself. He admits that he was a devoted atheist, until one day, things began to change in his life and fate itself turned him in a much different direction.

Meeting his beautiful and talented wife Jill was one of the first steps toward his enlightenment. Naturally psychic since birth, Jill tried to hide her “gift” from him, but eventually started sharing her talents with him. Jill has the ability to channel a very high divine dimension, a dimension where the Archangels can use her as a medium and share their knowledge with the world. Archangel Metatron, the highest of all of the Archangels (some even call this very special Archangel the Holy Spirit of God, which I believe with all my heart that he is), can communicate to us very special messages through Jill. Only a very special talented soul like Jill’s has the ability to receive such important messages. Messages of faith, hope, serenity, tranquility, and most of all undeniable TRUTH!

Glenn knows without a doubt, as do many of us working on our spiritual paths, that dogmatic religions are big business and generate lots of money off of the people who have low self-esteem and are looking for some special healing and truthful answers for their lives. The problem is, they are like sheep being herded into these man-made dogma’s, with blinders on, and their wallets open. As long as they are willing to give and give and give of their hard earned money, then they are more than welcome into the fold.

Glenn knew that there had to be a better way and soon Jill began channeling the Archangels with a very special message for Glenn. “Start writing and share your pain with the world.” The Archangels, especially Metatron, began channeling to Glenn all that he needed to know to share the truth about life, death, reincarnation, and so many other fantastic topics, so that we could finally know the truth!


is a must read for anyone on the spiritual path that wants to break away from the man-made controlling dogma’s that were created to control our minds, our souls, and our pocket books.

Glenn Harrison’s life went from being a devoted atheist to following a very spiritual path that can help millions. He has been directly called upon by the Divine Energy of the Most High to show us all the way, the truth, and the light! Glenn and Jill are a marvelous team and now they have become motivational speakers who will travel anywhere in the world to share what they have learned, and will continue to learn, from these unconditionally loving Divine Archangels who desire for us all to have a happier, more fulfilled, and joyful way of living our lives.

I totally enjoyed this wonderful book. Thank you so much Glenn and Jill for sharing with me, and the world, all you have come to know. I believe that this is the first in a series of more inspiring books to come. Anyone on the spiritual path of truth, hope, love, and light will understand the divine messages and hold them dear to their hearts. “CONVERSATIONS WITH ARCHANGELS 1 – CASHING IN ON GOD” is a life changing book for anyone truly open to receiving the truth. The messages have changed Glenn Harrison’s life for the better and I am sure that they will do the same for you!


Cashing in on God
Archangel Azrael; the Angel of Death
The Indigo Child
The religious conspiracy
Ease his pain
Spirit are coming, thick and fast
5000 V. 6,500,000,000
Soul training
Man of hugs
Trust and truth
Life-force grids
What is God?
Metatron makes his presence
Jesus and the Bible
The making of a psychic believer
Metatron explains our destiny and who he is
Jill’s input from her spirit guide
Bible or babble?
Archangel Chamuel; our third angel encounter
Joseph of Aramathea, Metatron and Azrael
How’s your memory?
Who, what and where we are
Our perception of reality
Light; darkness; positive; negative:- Your choice
A multitude of angels; with a twist
Metatron on delays of spiritual contracts
Metatron challenges people to test the Bible
Metatron: The laws of life
Truth about Jesus
A Christmas holiday message
The meaning of life
Truth about Mohammad
Worship yourself first; to find God
The Holy Spirit: Connecting with God
First meditation
Jill visits the Healing Chamber
Bible myths; and our relation to the universes
The Council of Elders
The Council of Elders: The composition in the design of the elements of Mankind
The Council of Elders: Science is our undoing; the need for spiritual development
Darwin’s Theory; the missing link will never be found
A word about Tithing
Good news about the Bible
The tester unwittingly validates Jesus’ death
We are not alone
Metatron: Black holes in the universes
Metatron: In the beginning, there was…
NO word.
What next?

1 review for Conversations with Archangels 1 – [Cashing in on God (Hardback Book)]

  1. Debbie from Northumberland

    This is such a fascinating book, very knowledgeable, loved reading it……well done Glenn & Jill 🙂

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