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If you enjoyed reading our first book Conversations with Angels, then treat yourself to all the lessons from the spiritual realm to-date. Our special downloadable versions can be loaded onto your ebook reader or i-pad and viewed at your leisure. A great way to learn about the angelic realm and how you can speed up your spiritual development.

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Buy Conversations with Angels Book 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5
and pay only £25.00

Learn about my journey into channelling and how I became a trance-channel for the angelic realm.

Discover some of the spiritual challenges and tests that we had to experience and how we overcome those challenges.

Learn about different Archangels and Ascended Masters and the many lessons and initiations they gave us to help develop our abilities to work for the spiritual realm.

These books are filled with hundreds of spiritual tips and guidance to help you on your own spiritual pathway.

3 reviews for Conversations with Angels Books Set 1 to 7 – PDF Download Version

  1. Heather MacEwen from Scotland

    When you realise that you are on a Spiritual Path, certain events and/or people punctuate your journey, causing new doors to be opened and different roads to traverse.
    These books, crafted by Glenn and Jill, woven by Archangels and others from the spirit world, have been a significant punctuation for me.
    If you truly want to delve into yourself and find the courage to live as your Higher Self intends, these books will provide the answers and will open your world up beyond any expectations. A true gift in this world.

  2. Marley Kingston from Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

    Every once in a while a very special opportunity or moment opens up and that opportunity or moment changes your life forever. I believe in synchronicity, I believed I had a destiny but trying to make sense of everything and the journey I was on was difficult AND THEN I found these books by the Harrisons. These books have helped to shape me, my life and are the key to transformation. The archangels and ascended masters beautifully explain how to change your life. These books are like seeds, once you read them, the essence of the angel and masters teachings begin to take root and grow, leading you towards a more positive and beautiful destiny. If you are looking for release and to find your potential, BUY THESE BOOKS, you won’t regret it.

  3. Joel JAnvier from USA FLorida

    Dear readers/buyers/seekers of truth/spirituality

    After reading the first one that I received as a gift, I didn”t hesitate a second to buy the whole package. I have the confirmation, from the source,of a lots of things that I already found during my three/four years of spiritual researches. Everyone needs to be helped, healed, and guided in his/her spiritual path; you better listen to the angels, the messengers, the source of the eternal truth. So, these books are for you, get them as quickly as possible if you want to drive to the spiritual path!

    Thanks to the all the angels, to Jill/Gleen Harrison for their tremendous works.

    Joel Janvier,
    Florida, USA

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