Chakra Re-alignment & Energy Healing Attunement

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Do you feel you’re being held back because of
old karmic issues, programming or just sheer bad luck?

This spiritual chakra healing energy attunement will help you quickly get your life back on track. This special energy healing attunement session will focus on clearing stagnant energies within your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Cosmic coding will be placed into your aura to help you release old issues and negative energies. Experience chakra healing in a completely different way.
This healing attunement session will cleanse, re-balance and re-charge your chakras, so that you experience feelings of being more grounded, calm and peaceful.

This particular attunement will help to boost your immune system and heighten your intuitive awareness.

This particular attunement is done via a distance healing orb, so that you can call in your healing attunement at a time to suit yourself.

Full details and support are given as son as we place your order. Normal turn around time for this attunement is 48 hours.

1 review for Chakra Re-alignment & Energy Healing Attunement

  1. Lesley Stokes from Chatham, Kent, UK

    This was ACE, the support and guidance was easy to understand and as this was my first attunement I didn’t know what to expect. I found the instructions easy to follow and I was amazed I could actually feel the energies coming in. This is powerful, way more than I expected. I have to say I do feel different and even dare I say more at peace with myself. Even my husband has noticed so it has definitely done something. All in all I must say thank you, it definitely worked for me and I will probably now have more sessions with you, just as soon as pay day arrives.

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