Atlantean Magic – Higher Light Awakening

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This powerful Atlantean Healing class will introduce you to the Arcturian frequency through an attunement and energy activation so you can directly connect to your higher soul.

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Experience Powerful Spiritual Energies for Intuitive Transformation & Awakening.

Watch this Atlantis Healing class about Ancient Atlantean Healing methods and how to access Atlantean Ancient Wisdom and Guidance.

In this powerful healing class you will:-
Learn to release personal trauma so you can proceed on your path to ascension.
Access Atlantean Higher Light Frequencies for personal transformation in preparation for your ascension.
Experience total mind, body and spiritual relaxation
Release emotional and physical trauma
Experience a powerful energy balance
Access the Higher Heart Gateway and the ability to open and activate the inner healer.
Gain knowledge of how to quickly and easily heal yourself.
Discover how to reduce, even eliminate pain

This Atlantis Healing Class focuses upon helping you to learn how to heal and restore balance to all things created.

This Atlantean Healing Class will introduce you to the ancient Atlantean healing modalities.

Length: 90 minutes

Stop putting up with doubting your own intuitive abilities.
Stop waiting for things to change.

Watch & Learn in the comfort of your own home
Change everything, and make your transition from waiting to having.


Unlike other ‘luke-warm’ spiritual teachers who give you the same stale regurgitated advice time and time again, and talk about anything and everything, but give you very little substance, in this class, you’ll be shown in a practical down-to-earth way, how to quickly and easily tap into your own intuition and use it to transform your life.

Don’t waste time and money travelling to a venue. Learn at home where you’re relaxed and at ease. What are you waiting for? BUY TODAY!

11 reviews for Atlantean Magic – Higher Light Awakening

  1. Becky from California, USA

    This is a very powerful webinar. The meditational energies working with the Arcturians is simply amazing. With their help the clearing and awakenings which I experienced, are so helpful. They have done much to shift my energies and to help me reconnect to the gifts I posses. I look forward to working with them more. The memories they share of Atlantis and our work there is precious.

  2. Sue Lynch from Nottingham

    This master class was excellent, it reignited my passion for healing and made me realise how much I’d missed it.

  3. Balbir Dhesi from Birmingham

    Excellent master class, I am really pleased I cam, I found all of it interesting.

  4. Paddylyn Gregory from Whitland, Wales

    Jill makes you feel very welcome, loved everything about the weekend. I found the first day was very good and useful, eplained very well.

  5. Karen Haynes from Cheshire, UK

    Outstanding, enjoyable learning experience. Friendships made and new found confidence. Fabulous Jill, thank you so much 🙂

  6. Edward Hogan from Co.Tipperary, Ireland

    Enjoyed this class so much I came back again. Great teacher, great energy in the class, everything just flowed for the weekend. A very profesionally run weekend, wonderful healing and lovely hospitality.

  7. Katherine Adler from Cambridge

    Easy to understand, explained in a down to earth way. Gave me confidence in myself to trust what I see and feel. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend, thr group, the food, all amazing. Very relaxing we3kend overall, made the learning easy, the master class was outstanding.

  8. Anette Nyqvister from Sweden

    Outstanding, it learned me to trust myself in what I can feel and see. I also received higher energies. The part I found most helpful was how to get the direct healing energy right from source.

  9. Ruth Jones from Milford Haven

    OUTSTANDING!!! As always, explained clearly, helped to understand at each stage. Friendly, could ask questions without feeling stupid. Great practise physical elements, going through the 7 rays healing sessions with everyone.

  10. Kerry Glover from Limassol, Cypress

    Outstanding, I feel confident to be able to practice on clients, having learnt how to formulate and process and heal. The types of questions to ask a client, how to breathe and work with the angels was most useful. I would like to attend other courses to help me with my journey.

  11. Julie Peake from Belper, UK

    Jill is an amazing teacher and the information/knowledge passed on was spot on and up-to-date. Great location and great people. The whole two days was relevant, needed, outstanding. Thank you!

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