Archangel Michael Celestial Attunement – Moving Into Celestial Visionary DVD

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This DVD class offers you an opportunity to to learn about Archangel Michael and how he can help us understand our destiny and how to co-create and manifest our future. This particular webinar will focus on moving from a fear-based, or insecure based foundation into activating the empowered self which resides within our soul.

If you have issues with focusing, grounding, faith and you struggle to take action then this webinar DVD is invaluable in helping you to reconnect with your soul qualities for healing and transformation.

This special archangel Michael DVD will bring a multi-dimensional awakening to help you understand who you are and how you can live your life with purpose.

If you are ready to embrace your inner power, then this particular class will assist you in removing old programming and negative beliefs.

1 review for Archangel Michael Celestial Attunement – Moving Into Celestial Visionary DVD

  1. chantel harris from worksop notts uk

    I have just done the Archangel micheal celestial Attunement meditation and found it to be a lovely comforting experience, I felt a lot of heat in my hands and saw some beautiful emerald green and deep purple colours in minds eye. Jill did really well with the webinar considering she is still really ill, so thankyou jill and I hope you feel much better soon.

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