No. 85 Angelic Reiki with Archangel Raphael


Experience an Angelic Reiki Session with Archangel Raphael. Recorded at a healing frequency of 528Hz to help you move effortlessly into an open-hearted presence.

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Experience an Angelic Reiki Session with Archangel Raphael





Being able to enter into open-hearted presence enables you to access inner strength, love, and angelic support. Sometimes we feel that we are unable to move beyond where we are. Sometimes we feel unable to make the best decision because our head says one thing and our heart tells us another. Working with Archangel Raphael can help to bring balance into you and your life.
Learn how Archangel Raphael can be a constant in your life for support, love and healing. Known as the Archangel of Vision, the Angel of Healing, this angelic reiki with Archangel Raphael will help you with your spiritual transformation process. When we view ourselves and lives through our spiritual eye we are able to discover what is needed to bring about a resolution or idea that helps us to take the next step forward.
If life feels crazy, imbalanced, out of alignment with what you desire, this angelic reiki guided meditation offers you an ability to: – 
  • Learn how to enter into open-hearted
  • Discover spiritual concepts that can help you transform your challenges into opportunities
  • Raise the bar in terms of your own spiritual sight and intuitive abilities
  • Experience angelic energy healing
  • Uncover how you can experience an inner smoothness and even flow of energy in your meditation for a more meaningful meditation experience
  • Release anxiety and stress
  • Soothe your physical, emotional and mental pain

IMPORTANT – This angelic reiki meditation is an exceptionally deep meditation.

It has been recorded at a healing frequency of 528Hz to help you effortlessly move into an open-hearted presence so healing on all levels can occur.

Many years ago, spirituality was seen as a destination that one had to aim for. To many, being able to see, hear, or speak with spirit or their angels was the goal and many, sadly gave up their spiritual journey because they went from spiritual teacher to spiritual teacher looking for the quick fix that was going to make them suddenly enlightened.

At the beginning of 2020,  the angelic realm for a short while took a step back and allowed us breathing space. They still watched over us, but we were given a very profound and meaningful opportunity to re-evaluate what being spiritual meant to us.

Everyone is awakened on one level or another but those who are awakening on a higher vibrational level are now beginning to ask how they can go deeper into self, how they can live a spiritual life in a physical human world because they are now aware of themselves in spiritual form, not physical form. And, more importantly,  they are looking at how they can heal themselves, which in turn, will help them to play an integral part in assisting the angelic realm to heal the world.

Communication with spirit isn’t about reaching up or out of yourself. The doorway to spirit lies within you and therefore that means the angelic realm is within us. Each aspect of angelic divinity flows in and through us.  When you can feel the presence of angels it is because that energy is within you, it always has been, the difference is that you have shifted your conscious awareness and connected with it.

Why do so many spiritual students look outside of themselves to learn how to communicate with spirit? The real answer is because they doubt themselves, they allow their fears to block the most natural and authentic connection with spirit that comes from going within.

This angelic reiki meditation was trance-channelled from Archangel Raphael and it has been specifically given to help you reawaken and remember that you have always been connected with God, the angels, your loved ones in spirit and of course, your guides.

Deep within you is a very special spiritual connection to God or whatever name you want to give to the source of everything. It has always been there and yet, so many people are completely deaf, blind and ignorant of its existence.

Spiritual awakening, enlightenment, whatever word you want to give, to sum up, your spiritual goals can only ever be achieved through trusting what you know and feel within you.

In essence, many of our actions and reasons for doing something is out of a need for validation. Be it validation that we matter, that we are right, that we are someone, something and not separate.

When you have reached a higher level of awareness that identifies itself as pure conscious energy, when you have truly awakened, you have no need for anything or anyone.  It sustains you completely. That isn’t to say you can’t enjoy the company of another. It doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy listening to what someone has to say, but the need is completely gone. This is because you understand that everything you need lies within you and comes through you.

You have to learn to trust that voice you hear inside you. You have to learn to trust your inner compass and trust those experiences you have on a spiritual and human level. This angelic reiki meditation will help you do that.

The more you step INTO self, the more you deepen your connection with all.

When you call yourself spiritual, what is your intention behind calling yourself spiritual?

The term spiritual is a name, a label. When we label something we restrict its ability on all levels. I believe that deep within us is a need to deepen our intimacy with self because when can do that, we can deepen our existing connection with God.

Make some time to explore your intention behind saying you’re spiritual.

Explore if this is a label you use to help you identify yourself as worthy, or connected so you don’t have to perceive yourself as inadequate in some way.

This type of questioning and self-examination isn’t about being wrong, or showing you that you’re unenlightened, it’s about enabling a deeper understanding of yourself and those aspects of yourself that need release and healing to come to the surface.

Only when we go inside can we heal our wounds of separation.

Only when you go inside can you explore your humanness and also become very clear that you are life force energy, pure god energy.

At this present moment, you are a physical representation of spirit in human form, so what more validation do you need?

Many of our issues of feeling separate from spirit, from God come from the wounds we have accumulated through our physical lifetime. Every action we take, is effectively us trying to heal our past, our pain, in some way.

All archangels are healers, but Archangel Raphael is one of the main healing archangels, the other Archangel being Archangel Uriel.

Archangel Raphael can help you explore and heal your painful past.

Archangel Raphael can help you heal your physical life, and in particular, he can, if you are willing, help you heal all those ways in which you feel inadequate because it is our feelings of being inadequate that causes us to not trust in God, spirit and ourselves.

Archangel Raphael is known as God’s healer, most authors write about him as the renowned healing angel, but he is so much more than this.

He also is an archangel of considerable wisdom and knowledge on transformation.

His main role is to support humanity in learning greater awareness being a form of pure God-conscious energy within a physical existence. In other words, he helps us understand how to exist as a soul inside a physical body.

When you are aware of your connection with Archangel Raphael you will normally feel his energies within your physical body as though there is someone standing behind you, particularly the back of your neck area.

You may have heard people talk about Raphael as being the archangel of alchemy and in some ways that is correct, but not the alchemy of transforming ourselves into a better person, or transforming our lives from lack to abundance. The real alchemical teachings Raphael helps us with, are through learning we are channels of God’s light.

He helps us transform our awareness of self from being a physical entity, into understanding we are pure consciousness energy.

He helps us understand that when we are fully conscious, fully present we bring the light of God into everything and everyone around us.

Our life purpose is about learning to channel our light, into the world.

Our light is what connects us to everything. When we work with our light, our natural love, joy and connection come through in our actions.

This is how we impact upon humanity, this is how we access that greater understanding of our connection with all life. Raphael teaches about alchemy on a spiritual conscious level.

When we truly understand and see ourselves as a conscious energy entity within a physical form, we are constantly connected and part of creation. We enable our vital life force energy to flow uninhibited.

When this happens, we optimise everything on a cellular level thereby helping our body to stay healthy and whole, in a constant state of homeostasis.

We are also in flow with the universal energies of love, peace, happiness, fulfilment and abundance.

Archangel Raphael tells us that if we are to dispel negativity and heal the wounds of humanity, we have to be able to live in the present moment by maintaining an open-hearted presence.

When we are in a state of open-hearted presence, our wisdom through the power of love and light is birthed into the world.

As our bodies are made up of the same molecular structure as everything else on the earth plane, we are like crystals. We have the power to absorb energy, transmute it and radiate energy out.

Learning how to stay aware of our consciousness and how it can be effected through thoughts and emotions is vital. We need to stay fully present if we wish to heal and transform our lives and the world around us.

This Angelic Reiki meditation from Archangel Raphael is given in the hope that through this process you will learn to trust yourself and move into allowing instead of thinking.

During this angelic reiki meditation trust yourself to allow everything to slowly unfold within you.

Trust in yourself to listen to the voices of your angels and trust yourself in what is happening to follow patiently knowing that everything will be given at the precise moment you need it.

Don’t acknowledge any thoughts or emotions to hijack your meditation, instead allow them to just slip by.

It’s also important that you don’t wander off anywhere, this meditation is about enabling you to perceive yourself as you truly are and to stay fully present.

Whatever tactic your mind or body may try to hijack your experience, ignore it and stay present, fully aware and conscious of only the energies.

If you are in need of deep healing, it is possible your angels may take you into sleep state to further support you in your healing process. If this should happen, don’t worry, it is just Archangel Raphael and his ministering angels finding an easier way to stimulate your physical, emotional and mental bodies to heal.

If you are ready to take your next step in soul transformation, then regularly working with this meditation will help you release yourself from limitation and lack.


Sample of Angelic Reiki with Archangel Raphael – Open-Hearted Presence


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