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Do you have trouble feeling connected to your angels? Would you like a simple and easy way to recognise your angels are with you? In this particular DVD, we will be focusing upon how to connect with angels for energy healing and soul transformation and how to meet your guardian angel.

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Do you have trouble feeling connected to your angels?
Would you like a simple and easy way to recognise your angels are with you?

In this particular DVD, we will be focusing upon connecting with the angels for energy healing and soul transformation.

Experience some of the following: –
Release yourself of pain, anxiety and stress
Remove repetitive patterns of lack and struggle
Discover how to connect to Angels on a “soul” level
Understand how to chanage the course of your destiny
Remove the invisible wall between you and your angels
Start a new journey and discover the power of energy healing
Clear away negative energies and heal your energetic core

This DVD focuses purely on helping you to relax, connect with the angels and remove all negative influences so that you can experience a greater soul transition into magnificence, mastery and abundance. If you’ve felt held back from your highest purpose, this webinar will help you to activate and connect with your soul’s destiny by healing the past, the pain and negativity and moving you up and into a place of peace, harmony and balance.

Please note this is a recording of a LIVE internet webinar which took place with participating students.
Experience an unforgettable spiritual angelic energy healing session

Here’s what some of students who have taken part with the exercises contained on this video have to say about their experiences:-

Reviewer: Louise from Shropshire 5 Stars
Congratulations Jill, you’ve done it again! Another life changing Webinar in less than 90 minutes. You manage to pack in so much useful material without ever making anyone feel they are being rushed. The session opened with some general guidance on connecting to the Angelic Realm and what possible blocks may limit this connection. After which, we learnt about how to use a symbol and breathing techniques to set the intention of connecting with our Guardian Angel. Wherever in our bodies the connection was strongest, this would be our Soul Level Gateway in future contact. I was really impressed with how everyone on the Webinar seemed to establish a strong link with their Guardian Angels in a way and place, that was right for them. Jill then showed us how to use colour to release pain, with the assistance of our Guardian Angel. The final part looked at how to remove repeated patterns of lack and struggle from our daily lives. For me, the highlight of the Webinar was being given the chance to repeat exercises to check if connections and observations could still be achieved. I left the session without any doubts in my mind that I really had felt the presence of my Guardian Angel and thanks to Jill’s help I now truly believe I can continue doing this for the rest of my life.
Reviewer: Susie Beebe from Alaska 5 Stars
The Angelic Chambers webinar was truly fantastic! You did such a great job of describing step-by-step how to connect to the angelic realm; the second time we did it, everything came together so easy and I feel very confident that I will not have any trouble when I do this by myself. Thank you very much! You are a awesome teacher!

Reviewer: Sean Moloney from Melbourne, Australia 5 Stars
Did the angelic chambers webinar and got a lot out of it, thanks Jill. Was able to connect very strongly with the angels and even received a symbol to work on. Exercises were really powerful and look forward to working with them some more to deepen my connection with spirit. Thank you jill.

Reviewer: Becky from California 5 Stars
Today I attended the Angelic Chamber webinar for connecting with the Angels and healing. This is like the other webinars I have attended was excellent. The instructions given were very helpful tools to keep an use for strengthening the connections made through the guided exercises. Whether a webinar or angel guided meditation, or reading. I always find that they bring a strong connection to the Divine which aids me in strengthening my energies and connections. I am encourage others to attend webinars and utilize the meditations available.

Reviewer: Joseph mc anulty from Scotland 5 Stars
Tonight’s webinar was brilliant as ever thanks jill

Reviewer: Melanie Leitch from Scotland , Glasgow. 5 Stars
I cannot recommend Jill and the webinars she offers highly enough. This was my second one and i found it just as amazing and inspiring as the last one. There is so much depth and substance to Jill’s method of teaching which to me makes her a truly unique and gifted spiritual teacher. What I enjoyed the most about this webinar was the exercises we done, I felt truly connected with my Guardian Angel and even got the name of my angel given to me during the exercise which to me is astonishing as i had never ever heard that name before. I also found all the tips to help us connect very useful and informative. I cannot recommend it enough and if your thinking of doing a webinar with Jill then go for it , you most certainly wont regret it. Jill was also kind enough to take the time to answer all our questions we had. Thank you as always Jill for your wonderful insight and your truly gifted way of teaching. Love , Truth & Light. Melanie xx

Reviewer: lynn wells from normanton 5 Stars
Thank you very much for tonight, connecting with the angelic realm, i havnt worked for a while and felt i needed some guidance, it helped a lot always enjoy your webinars, looking forward to the next one

Reviewer: Julie Ward from South Yorkshire 4 Stars
Angelic Chambers Webinar was really good, lots of information and exercises 🙂


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