Algalithian Sacred Geometric Starseed Reading

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Discover why you’re here and where you will go next in your soul’s journey. This Starseed reading will reveal your soul’s plans for this life and the next.

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This unique trance-channel Algalithian Sacred Geometric Starseed Reading brings you an opportunity to understand your current experiences on a multiversal level.

Within this Starseed reading, you will be shown which multiversal liminal pathways which are available for you to work with for your spiritual growth and soul development. Starseed souls can feel on a very deep level the need to see things from a higher perspective.

This reading is offered in Divine Love from the Algithian Elders to those looking for a higher perspective on their soul’s journey. This Starseed reading offers you insights and understandings to help you with the knowledge your soul is seeking and how to use your inner Starseed navigation system to deal with life on Earth.

Sometimes the knowledge that you are supposed to be doing something but not sure what, or experiencing synchronistic telepathic messages but feel unable to decipher their light language can make life on Earth difficult to navigate. The Algalithians offer you wisdom from the sacred geometric temple so you can understand what you are here for, what is needed for you to grow and also what you have to learn to nurture whilst in the physical world for your own Starseed development.

Within Algalithia there is a sacred temple filled with crystalline sacred geometry symbols and light codes which have over millions of years stored the knowledge of formation for all Starseed races. Ancient wisdom and teachings that are linked to all forms of life are held here for soulful insights and knowledge. Through the ages, the history and knowledge of each hidden realm and hidden dimension to planet Earth have been stored here. Now the Algalithians offer you access on your soul’s journey and where you will go next after this earthly incarnation.

The guidance from the Algalithians includes:-

  1. Hidden Realms of the Crystalline Octahedron will detail the underlying aspects you need, what to focus on and how it affects you in your physical reality.
  2. Hidden Realms of the Crystalline Tetrahedron will detail how to work with the energies to bring significant improvements in your Starseed development.
  3. Hidden Realms of the Crystalline Golden Spiral will detail how you can strength and support your soul’s growth.
  4. Hidden Realms of the Crystalline Seed of Life will help you understand the reasons for your earthly incarnation and how you can find a greater meaning to your earthly experience.
  5. Hidden Realms of the Crystalline Pentagram will explain the path you are on and the Starseed dimensions available to you.
  6. Hidden Realms of the Crystalline Dodecahedron will explain your soul’s plan not just for this lifetime but the next, these will reveal things about your soul essence that you may not even be aware of.
  7. Hidden Realms of the Crystalline Sri Yantra how to fulfil the longing of your soul and how to anchor your light into the Earthly realm to complete the work you came here to do.
  8. Hidden Realms of the Crystalline Ouroborus will reveal the part you play in divine service within the multiverse and how to undertake the role in its fullest essence.
  9. Hidden Realm of the Crystalline Sphere of Consciousness will reveal where you are destined next after fulfilling your mission on Earth. Uncover the next step in your soul’s journey and the multiversal realm you will reside in.


During the transmission of this reading, light codes and energetic frequencies will be anchored into your reading so that when you read your reading, the energies will attune with your own current vibrations to help raise and empower you. This reading really does give you a higher perspective on your current life and the way to achieve your Starseed destiny.  Some of the guidance can be quite profound in spiritual terms and yet, have elements which can be applied to your physical world and daily concerns. Full of varied insights, this is definitely a Starseed reading you will want to return to time and time again for Algalithian support and healing.


This trance-channelled angel reading will be emailed to you in PDF format.  No information is required from you for this reading.



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1 review for Algalithian Sacred Geometric Starseed Reading

  1. Lucy Wilkinson

    This reading is wonderful! I was really happy to offered this opportunity to be the first person to have this type of reading. Working with the Algalithians I have found that I am continuously transforming on an energetic level and am making very good progress. Presently I am working on mastering power issues and I am standing strong in maintaining my power and not give it away to others. I was made aware of so many wonderful aspects of my soul that have been lying dormant and this reading has given me guidance on what actions to take to be able to access guidance on a deeper level from my inner starseed navigation system. I almost fell out of my chair when I read the guidance, I am very keen to explore the wide array of options available to me. Jill is an amazing Master Teacher and channel, she really is the best I have ever come across and feel so blessed to have found her.

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