Algalithian Galactic Wisdom Transmissions

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Join us for live magnetic high density attunements to assist you in uncovering and accessing new levels of consciousness for greater soul growth and expansion. Activate within your brain, new areas to enable super-consciousness, super-psychic powers and super-higher-density-awareness. Learn new healing methods to clear, transmute toxic energy into high frequency pure energy.


Meet the Algalithians, a new race to the face of humanity. These Higher-Dimensional beings are now beginning to work with Humanity in an effort to help mankind awaken to the multi-dimensional abilities that lie hidden deep within the soul so that human and planet evolution can overcome the toxicity it has created.


Join us for live magnetic high-density attunements to assist you in uncovering and accessing new levels of consciousness for greater soul growth and expansion. Activate within your brain, new areas to enable super-consciousness, super-psychic powers and super-higher-density-awareness. Learn new healing methods to clear, transmute toxic energy into high-frequency pure energy.

If you are feeling the need for greater personal and spiritual change, then join us and experience a new stargate opening, which offers you the opportunity to rebirth yourself and releases old wounds and negative energy imprints of past and present lifetimes.


If you are already involved in inner energy work and are wondering what the next step is, in terms of your own soul evolution, these transmissions will help you to powerfully accelerate your evolutionary journey. Working with new geometric light codes, the Algalithian energies offer you the opportunity to experience and work with new multi-dimensional light frequencies.

These new multi-dimensional geometric light codes offer 6th and 7th density consciousness light attunements to assist you with Intergalactic: –

  • Power Transfusions
  • Transformational Soul Therapy
  • Multi-dimensional Telepathy
  • Algalithian Star Codex Vortex Healing
  • Gateway access for guidance and knowledge


Join us for powerful soul upgrades, these live online events are not available anywhere else in the world. Don’t miss out on your chance to be part of greater service to humanity and planet Earth.

Webinar Itinerary: –

30 January 2020 @ 20:00 hrs (UK Time) – 7th Density Consciousness Vortex Healing Light Codes Transmission


These modules are very high-frequency energy modules. You cannot do the 7th Density modules unless you have done the equivalent module for the 6th Density modules. Do not attempt to do these modules if you are unwell, or you suffer from mental health issues. These modules will include energetic imprinting sessions using geometry and special sound frequencies. All levels are spiritual students are welcome.


Each webinar requires an energy exchange of £22.99

9 reviews for Algalithian Galactic Wisdom Transmissions

  1. Michele Wright from Devon

    I have just done the 7D healing webinar from the Algalithians. Jill presents her webinars in a warm and friendly way and the information is always very comprehensive and interesting. I also love the fact that we receive the recording of the event, to listen to the webinar as many times as we wish.

  2. schabo46 from UK

    Re view Algalithian 7D attunement webinar

    As always this webinar was a vast source of information. The actual attunement was so deep that I wondered if I had missed some parts of the affirmations because I did not seem to remember.I felt the release of pain from certain parts of my body and felt much lighter and so much at peace immediately after. Even tho I thought I had not experienced a great “deal” I later realised that I still felt this prickling feeling in my crown chakra like a whirlpool of electricity going round. That was when I realised that I must have gone much deeper than I thought. needless to say I slept like a rock when I went to bed shortly after.
    this morning I woke early and felt still enormously at peace.

    Thank you Jill and the Algalithians; I honestly can only recommend this Attunement/ webinar!

  3. Karen from UK

    7D Webinar – Another amazing experience with the attunement and also lots of information again from Jill and the Algalithians. Every thought has a biological affect on our bodies and our DNA. So, are we attached to the people who hurt us or the thought of what they have or haven’t done?!
    I’m already looking at things differently today!
    Thank you Jill x

  4. Anushka from Kapolei, HI, USA

    I’d give this 100 stars if I could.

    The transformational energy was so potent for the first time I truly felt the energies of the universe dissolving my fears, self-doubt and my intuition has become so fluid, these Algalithian webinars really are transformational life-changing energies for your soul and spirit. There is a very special energy that these beautiful Starseed beings have, with their simple and yet very effective teachings you learn 6D & 7D practices that bring you so many insights and perceptions that completely change how you react with modern life.

    You really do discover how to remove the heavy 3D energies and awaken to the beauty and harmony that is available to use from the universes around us. These webinars have enabled me to release so many behavioural patterns and toxic stories that were weighing me down. I now feel so filled with light, peace, love and insights that life has taken on almost a magical quality that is just about indescribable. The Algalithians brings together founding ancient wisdom and amazing interconnecting energies that reconnects you with the heart of the multi-dimensional universes and all the magic of what is possible. I believe these webinars are the key to learnaing how to transform our 3D personal energies into higher frequency cosmic energy. I was always struggling to find how I could bring positive changes into my own reality and the world around me. Jill and the Algalithians have helped me step away from the toxicity of 3D humanoid programming and illusions and discover the real keys to achieving wisdom, guidance and energy for transformation and for this I will be eternally grateful.

  5. Marius from London

    Thank you for this wisdom transmision! I am doing my best to integrate them.

  6. Debbie from UK

    I love the Algalithian wisdom it helped me feel at peace and sense of knowing that I am on the right path.

  7. Myra from New York

    I loved the Algalithian 6D workshop so much I’m going to sign up for the whole series! I feel as if I have found freedom in my mind and body that is giving me space to be more of the person I’ve always wanted to be but for some reason could not. I have discovered my playful inner child, feel less attached to other people’s drama and have released feelings of hopelessness that have tormented me for years.
    Jill is an incredibly talented teacher who has an innate gift of healing with her presence and words. With an open heart and mind you will gain a plethora of knowledge and blessings from these workshops that will support you throughout your spiritual journey. With love and light

  8. Carole Morley from Norfolk

    A very thought provoking and informative course. Absolutely fascinating learning about the Algalithians. The messages they have for us about our future and the way forward, and explanations about things from our past is brilliant. There was a special meditation included, in which I experienced loads of energy rushes and colours. I can’t wait for the next session.

  9. ilona from UK

    A wonderful Webinar, a wealth of Information giving you not only an inside view, but also the thirst to explore more!Incredible experiences in the meditation make me want to go deeper, understand better, continue on my path and widen my horizon and mind! A lot of things seem to resonate but cannot put my finger on it, there is still so much to learn but certain seem to start to make sense…
    I completely recommend these webinars wholeheartedly !

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