Algalithian Cosmic Rays Attunement


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Accelerate your spiritual growth with this powerful series of Algalithian Cosmic Ray Attunements.

These powerful Cosmic Ray attunements will take you through a series of psychic energy attunements to help you transcend your current level of spirituality and expand into the next phase of your Soul’s ascension process.

These powerful Algalithian Cosmic Ray Attunements will take you through: – 

  • Energy Clearing – This first attunement clears old imprints and implants that impeded your own ability to develop and expand your soul.
  • Healing Upgrades – This second attunement will heal imbalances and reset your body’s energies and your DNA to their purest levels. It will totally clear and transform your etheric levels to accelerate your own healing process.
  • Soul Empowerment – The third attunement begins to accelerate and increase your soul’s frequencies enabling you to step into your highest spiritual roles. In this attunement you will find your courage, strength and knowledge of your soul increasing.
  • Soul Activation – This powerful attunement now aligns you with the parallel dimensions, enabling you to tap into knowledge of self, both past, present and future. Everything aligns so that it is experienced in the present moment. It erases 3D linear programming and opens you up to multi-dimensional knowledge.
  • Soul Manifestation – The final attunement recalibrates your energy fields so that manifesting is second nature to you. The ability to perceive and create in the moment becomes readily available to you, so you can create transformation on any level that you desire.
  • BONUS ATTUNEMENT –  Multi-Dimensional Cosmic Heart Unification – This bonus attunement will anchor your energies to the Algalithian stargates to enable you to hold a permanent connection with the Algalithians. This attunement is of the highest vibration, triggering pulsating energies that flood you with multi-universal love, multi-universal awakening and multi-universal knowledge to assist you in your mission whilst here on Earth and beyond.

What Happens When I Place My Order?

Once we received your order, your details will be given to Jill who will then trance-channel your attunements. Once she has completed this, she will email you within 14 days, with details of your attunements and how to call them in to receive them.


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