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Join with light workers around the world in receiving the new cosmic energies of global transformation and integration of plantary and cosmic axiational alignment integration to help create higher frequency magnetic energies within the human body for healing, transformation.

Be guided by Archangel Metatron to receiving the new source energies that are being anchored into our earth plane. These energies will assist the body in removing limitation and imbalance within the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies of man.

Anchor light frequencies within your body to assist you to experience greater acceleration towards ascension. Finish with a prayer for planetary peace so the energies received can be planted into the Earth to bring about greater consciousness change within humankind.

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Hold the secrets of the sacred geometry and the archetypal building blocks of the cosmos. Embracing these frequencies and anchoring them into your physical body will result in you developing a new sense. One that enables you to open a new unconscious channel that will enable you to tap into and access knowledge that is not intellectual, but ancient spiritual cosmic knowledge. If you are drawn to creating great change within the world, or you desire to help heal planet Earth and raise mass consciousness, then join us and help in humanity’s preparation for acclimation into the next dimension.

On the 8th day of the 8th month at the 8th hour, there will be a specific spiritual dimensional shift in energies, to bring in important changes, to ensure the Divine plan, for the continuance of the human race, is upheld.
It is important that you are open to receiving these new energies that will ricochet around the globe. Why are these key activations important to you?

These new key activations will open up humanity to the realm of greater soul understanding. This particular phase will take you into lessons of self-sufficiency, and understanding that, to rely on others, will not help you evolve. This is necessary in order for you to understand how to manifest your own experiences.

For too long, humanity has relied on being led. Throughout history, this has resulted in poverty, suffering and great disappointment for the entire human race. These new energies will herald the deactivation of the need to control, through governments and material corruption.

We will assist all of you in learning to remove your own inability to trust yourselves to be self-sufficient. The ability of the world to produce enough food, water and resources for the whole of humanity and the animal kingdom, is on a precipice.

Rather than learning independence, the global governments have programmed and impressed, through fear, the need to be dependent. To fit into society, you have to follow more rules and regulations, which limit the soul, rather than free it.

Radicalisation of religions further compounds the issues.

As mankind desperately seeks to make its mark on the world, these new energies will help all of you to realize, that if you continue to make decisions for the future, based on the past, then you will be stuck in a cycle that doesn’t release you from the bonds you have created; and humanity as you know it, will cease to exist.

Soul-liberation requires you to take the wisdom of the past with you, but the rest, such as fear, negativity, failure and beliefs; you leave behind.

For a new world to be created, you have to start with a clean sheet. Just as if you were to build a new house, new foundations are key to the longevity of how long the house lasts for. Your education systems are not geared towards teaching self-sufficiency. Your technology takes away your independence, rather than supports it.

Living in the past, keeps you manifesting the past, albeit in different scenarios. The collective energy vibrations of 8.8.2015 will clear the negative energies that keep you all unawakened.

Those who refuse to become accountable, will experience great hardship. Those who refuse to recognize the need to return to living off the land naturally, without the aid of chemicals, will see a decline in the population through disease. A great cleansing is coming, and although many of you will now not want to accept this, the greater your denial, unfortunately the greater the suffering will be.

There will be two major key activations which will take place at 8am and 8pm around the planet. The first activation will bring through new energies that will create high resonance frequencies, that will affect the chemicals within your body. This is so you will resonate at a different vibration.

On the second activation, these chemicals will be absorbed into the physical body, to bring about physiological changes. The positive side, is that you will develop a higher immune system, resulting in a healthier body. The negative side, is that many of you will become intolerant to the highly chemically processed foods you all love to eat.

New teachers will be required to help people learn and understand the need to return to a natural organic diet, which maintains an 80% plant-based food source, at every meal.

Within each of you, will come many new insights, as your ability to perceive a different reality takes place. Your financial systems are in a state of collapse. Your health and way of life is in dire need of a radical overhaul, and only those who are open to taking steps towards being self-sufficient, will experience soul-liberation and freedom.

Many times we have said you cannot give what you do not have. Unfortunately, your governments have created the illusion that you have the resources, when in reality, you haven’t. In desperation, new laws, new rules are created, to keep everything glossed over; but how long can you gloss over a house with rotting foundations before everything collapses?

The time is coming where you must all face reality in the light of day. The other life-forms from the other universes, are watching intently, to see if you develop a newer level of awareness; or whether you continue in your blindness and patterns of denial.

These new activations will be to your advantage, because it brings you a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the self. There are hundreds of thousands of other advanced worlds that you have no idea of. Each has its own stage of evolution. And as we move towards helping everyone experience multi-dimensional living, there has to be major restructuring. As this continues to resonate through your world, you will find the more you work within communities to support one another, without ruling or domination, the greater the changes will be for your planet.

These new activations are key to showing you how important it is that you embrace global change. Your extent to be self-sufficient, will remind you of how limitless you are. For those who have high vibrations, it is possible that they will begin to see multi-dimensional races, and receive information and data to help you.

It is time to be more universally aware, to be more consciously aware of the impact your individual choices make upon the environment, and the potential for life evolution.

On the 8.8. 2015 a golden grid of light was anchored into the Earth, to support the collective consciousness, in preparation for the changes that will be taking place over the next five years. Your world has to begin to experience great change. Austerity, which is dependent upon materialism, will fail. Every 8th August the energies of this golden grid are amplified.

The more you can learn about working with energies, the more you can learn to weave these energies and vibrations within the etheric and physical bodies, the greater your potential is to help you influence your experiences of the changes to come.

All of the changes you will experience, hold for you the opportunity to become more fully conscious of the different levels of life-forms that coexist around you. The injustices you may feel, as a result of these new activations, are a blessing in disguise.

Trust is an important aspect of these new energies. You must learn to trust your instincts, your energies; so that you are steered in the right direction. Learning to understand and read other people’s frequencies, will be also an integral part of transforming through the coming changes, in a peaceful and harmonious way.

Will you view these new key activations as positive or negative?

Truth is the embodiment of trust. You can no longer rely, just on what you can see, smell, hear, taste and touch. You must learn to navigate the world of emotional resonance, and this includes removing fears.

Just as your financial markets will begin try to claw back as much debt as they can, so too must you face the time of settling your own karmic and spiritual debts. This is the time for all of you to face and embrace your authentic self. To learn to navigate life with your inner-knowing, rather than being told what to do. The inner-knowing is the higher-self, but you have become estranged from it. These new key activations will enable you to rediscover your higher-self.

By living in the moment, trusting in the moment; by living in the most natural way, which is balance and harmony with planet Earth, and each other; the greater transformation will take place. Many of you fear that you will lose something. The fear of loss is your greatest enemy. By eradicating your fear of loss, you will experience a greater sense of freedom. It isn’t about being right, it about what is true, because when you are resonating in your truth, your inner world transforms.

Learn to tell the difference between what you see as being true, with what you feel, beyond any shadow of a doubt, is the truth. The resonance of truth vibrates throughout your body. Learn to use this as your point of reference when you are making decisions.

From now until the 8th of the 8th, begin to work on consciously being aware of different vibrations. Vibrations affect your perceptions. This is quantum science. It is time to take a big step into learning and embracing how to live in a multi-dimensional world. There will be those who will not come with you, through the transformations that are required.

This means you will experience and see what appears to you on a human level, a great many souls exiting the planet Earth. What you must do, is recognize this is a great opportunity for those who are operating at a lower level of vibration, a chance to integrate the changes at a slower rate, on a different dimensional plane. It is not a punishment, it is a way of helping those who are learning at a different rate, take time to work on their own soul evolvement, at a pace that is right for them.

Every single soul is taken care of. It is an opportunity for them to undergo the experience, but at a different slower pace. They need to learn how to interact with a higher consciousness society. They will be relocated, eventually, to where they need to be. Do not perceive them as being separate from you. Do not be fooled into believing they are being punished, or have suffered.

The realm of angels within your universe are working to help every soul on its evolution, get the right level of optimum support. We are working with all of you. We are supporting all of you through the breakdown of old negative energies.

You must use these key-activations to help you master the art of vibrational living. Vibrational frequency work is an integral part of your light-body activation for ascension. There are very few masters who can teach you how to master the art of vibrational living, so seek and use your inner knowing to find the right master teacher for you. Remember our advice; the old way of using only the five human senses, is no longer going to be an effective way of navigating the art of living.


Archangel Metatron.


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