14 Mary Magdalene – The Importance of Grounding

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Mary Magdalene wants to reminds us of how powerful we really are, when we choose to honour our connection to our beloved Earth. Let this powerful guided meditation and channelled lesson from Mary Magdalene show you how you can be grounded , secure, strong and well balanced.
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Without grounding you cannot hope to experience life in a well balanced manner, and Ascended Master Mary Magdalene steps forward to bring us The Importance Of Grounding meditationtrance-channelled by Avatara, Jill Harrison.

To be grounded, is to be secure, strong and well balanced, and when you take time to ground yourself correctly, you are honouring your connection, not only to planet Earth, but also to the cosmos, God, light, the one conscious energy. When you are grounded, you allow the planet Earth to nurture your body, and keep it tuned into the very environment around you.

Being grounded not only makes you consciously aware of the world around you, but it taps your vibrational energies into planet Earth’s energies, which help you to create firm foundations in life. You’re able to maintain stable relationships, stable immune systems, and you’re able to draw to you, a feeling of positivism about yourself, and your place in the world.

Being ungrounded creates feelings of depression, over-indulgence in food, excessive sleep or insomnia, anxiety, restlessness and stress.

Let this powerful meditation and channelled lesson from Mary Magdalene show you how you can overcome these imbalances.

Allow your life to flow more harmoniously. Create and experience the reality you choose for yourself. 

Mary Magdalene wants to reminds us of how powerful we really are, when we choose to honour our connection to our beloved Earth.

Begin to feel more secure and at ease with life. Learn how your beliefs limit your potential. Learn to raise your self-esteem and confidence to become happier and become a more highly evolved being of light.

1. Introduction  –  Glenn   04:05
2. Message  –  Jill   06:51
3. Meditation  –  Glenn  17:18
4. Meditation  –  Jill  19:26

NB* This is a downloadable file, no hard copy CD will be posted to you.

Sample of meditation with Glenn


Sample of meditation with Jill

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3 reviews for 14 Mary Magdalene – The Importance of Grounding

  1. Debbie from Northumberland ENGLAND

    I have found that I`ve had imbalances all my life due to a lot of things going on around me. This meditation made perfect sense and taught me a lot about myself. Certain parts of my upbringing to past working life & much more are screaming out to me and they have for some time now. I knew something was so wrong and this beautiful meditation ( number 14 ) by Mary Magdalene has helped me really identify this now, more so to the fact that I felt a bit saddened by it, but in a good way. Sometimes i wish i could just reorder this life again but i know that’s impossible so i will just work more on the grounding. Other than all that its a great meditation so thank you for this Jill xxx

  2. Susie from Alaska USA

    This is such a great meditation! People have told me that I’m not in my body and I seem to have a hard time staying grounded, when I am trying to ground myself I can see my roots pulling back up to my feet and it takes me a long time to finally get them back down. With this meditation Mary wants you to extend your fingers and toes- this really allows you to feel locked in to the center of the earth. My external view of not having a stable home life was impart caused by me not being grounded. Since I started using this meditation I am not so much in the defensive mode with my husband, both him and other people are responding to me more positively.

  3. sue harrison from United Kingdom

    this is a must for anyone not sure what grounding is and if you know, it helps to be reminded. Good practical information and marys voice is so soothing, I always feel much more connected to mother earth after listening to this meditation <3

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