13 Lord Kuthumi – Unlimited Abundance Guided Meditation

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Working with Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi you will learn how to transform every aspect of your life. Let Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi show you how to remain open and in a state of allowing so that unlimited abundance can become a normal everyday occurrence for you.
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Explore the world of the Native American Indians in this healing guided meditation. The purpose of this deeply relaxing meditation is to help you receive healing and grounding through the use of guided visualisation. Experience a full on experiential energy meditation working with your own shaman guide, your own personal medicine wheel, animal totems and your elemental aspects.


Shamanic energy healing helps you to release issues, behaviours and beliefs that inhibit your embracing the power of your soul.

It can help you to release old spiritual karmic imprints, energetic imprints and attachments to the past.


Eliminate unhealthy relationships
Improve chronic illnesses
Boost your immune system
Reduce feelings of being an outsider
Reduce emotional mood swings or emotional eating habits
Overcome additions
Increase your energy levels so you eliminate fatigue/vitality
Removes phobias and fears
Eliminate old beliefs which no longer serve you.


Experience inner peace
Develop a greater connection to your own spiritual helpers
Gain a greater understanding of your spiritual path
Eradicate old energies
Learn how to strengthen your own immune system
Explore choices to you can create the life you want to live
Understand the spiritual reasons for your emotional or physical disease.

If you are tired of feeling stuck, disconnected and you would like to discover your inner spiritual power, listen to this guided meditation mp3 and give yourself the gift of experiencing life from a deeper shamanic perspective.

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6 reviews for 13 Lord Kuthumi – Unlimited Abundance Guided Meditation

  1. Debbie from Northumberland

    Loved this meditation from Lord Kuthumi and the Angelic realm.
    Easy to follow and so soothing to listen too.
    I had the distinct feeling of cobwebs on my face several times over with the huge feeling that Angels were there for me.
    I would definitely recommend this CD.
    Many thanks to Jill and Glenn xxx

  2. Diane Kavanagh from Cambridge,

    I normally don’t leave feedback for things but I am blown away with the results of this meditation. I did the meditation the first day I got it, I thought it was nice, it was relaxing and fun. I then put the cd back in its case and forgot about it. The next day I got a letter through the post and I had won a cruise. Things like this don’t happen to me. I thought is was a fluke. but a few days later I was feeling stressed so I did your meditation again. The next morning I popped into a shop and I never buy scratch cards but thought what the heck, so I got a £1 one and blow me I won £100. Over the past few weeks I have had a pay rise I did not expect and my husband got a promotion which means he gets more pay now too. My mum won at bingo and she gave us half of her winnings towards the cruise we’re going on for spendo so thanks my luck has turned around since I got your meditation. Every time I get stressed or feel miserable I do your meditation it works a treat for picking me up.

  3. Donna from New York, USA

    Dear Glenn:

    I just wanted to let you know about my progress with the Lord Kuthumi CD.

    I started in mid-January………..meditated about 4 times with it before I’ve recognized something very important.

    I usually drank a glass or two of wine every day………..so, you are talking about at least 10 glasses a week. In the past 19 days, I’ve had fewer than 2 glasses! It probably was an addiction, but I absolutely do not depend on it or crave it anymore. I think that is amazing. Then I realized that this CD releases anything that is hindering your progress or attachment to things.

    You should consider going to Alcholics Annon, drug clinics and weight loss centers with this, if you haven’t already. This CD will definitely help those people addicted to liquor, food and drugs.

    I continue to do this CD at least three or four times a week. Also, (regarding attracting abundance) we usually end up paying the government a lot of money every year in taxes. We are getting something back this month from both federal and the states! A payment of excess wear and tear of $350.00 on our leased car was waived, and we are getting another payment from the government in June. Things are definitely looking up, and it all happened so quickly. I do this with the Michael Protection, and I just started the Lady Nada and Michael Phobia release. I feel with all of these together, my possibilites are limitless.

    You are absolutely right, you change the way you think, replace the words that you say with a more positive outlook, and YOU CAN AND WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

    Love and much thanks to you and Jill………….Donna

  4. Gloria Hodgson from Wollongong Australia

    Lord Kuthumi’s Unlimited Abundance Meditation cd is my all-time favourite abundance cd. I find it very easy to relax into a meditative state listening to either Glenn or Jills soothing voices. This cd sets me up for the rest of the day when I listen to it in the morning, by opening me up to the abundance I see everywhere in my life.
    And yes, manisfestation follows.
    A powerful intentional tool for manifesting abundance.
    Love to you Jill & Glenn

  5. Jules Brook from USA

    Creating Abundance Meditation CD

    “I have purchased 3 meditation CD’s from you guys now and love each one of them. I play one of them each night. Your voices are so easy to listen to, and I always have to ask that I receive the energy from the meditations if I fall asleep, as these CD’s really relax me and help me sleep. I love this one, I listen to it alot to help me attract abundance in all forms into my life.”

  6. Frida from Sweden

    I really like this meditation and I think it’s pretty powerful. It has a very accessible and evocative imagery (the ethereal chord that extends up to the green astral grid of abundance, the fact that Lord Kuthumi takes you by the hand – I love that!) that continue to do it’s work in everyday life. I also very much enjoy the clear statement that you allow the Archangels to work on your vibration, it’s very important with expressed permission.

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