09 Lord Melchizedek – Merkabah Activation

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Connect with Ascended Master Melchizedek for this wonderful healing and spiritual development guided meditation.
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NB* This is a downloadable file, no hard copy CD will be posted to you.

Connect with Ascended Master Melchizedek for this wonderful healing and spiritual development guided meditation.

In this trance-channelled guided meditation work with Ascended Master Melchizedek who will instruct you on how to sit and breathe properly for thisMerkabah Meditation.

A Merkabah, (sometimes also spelt Merkaba), is a light chariot which enables you to connect with higher spiritual beings or other spiritual realms.

By learning to construct your own merkabah you will discover the ability to promote self-healing, access deeper spiritual wisdom and teachings, and expand upon your psychic development.  

In this powerful merkabah meditation, you will experience the Merkabah which is an energy grid field that you manifest and activate to astrally travel. Imagine it as a chariot of light, in the shape of two identical (3-sided) pyramids; one upside down, sat inside the other, to form a 6-pointed star. You will manifest and activate the Merkabah, and travel out to the Universal-Life-Force Grid, to be at one with the universe and God, light, the one conscious energy.

Frequent use of this Merkabah meditation will help you to attain a state of heightened and concentrated awareness. Some of our customers have remarked how this guided meditation is a very powerful and simple tool for healing. It is also very helpful in preparing you for the ascension in 2012.

Let Ascended Master Melchizedek open your mind, body and spirit so you can understand yourself and the foundations of the universes. This powerful healing guided meditation with Ascended Master Melchizedek will enable you to access the force of divine love, which offers you tremendous potential for healing and spiritual development.


  1. Introduction  –  Glenn  04:05
  2. Pre-Meditation Notes  –  Glenn  03:34
  3. Meditation  –  Glenn  21:41
  4. Meditation  –  Jill  24:30

NB* This is a downloadable file, no hard copy CD will be posted to you.

Sample of meditation with Glenn


Sample of meditation with Jill

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4 reviews for 09 Lord Melchizedek – Merkabah Activation

  1. Christina from London

    Unfortunately I tend to fall asleep with any guided meditation inc this one but having used it regularly over a while I have noticed a positive shift energetically in myself.
    Would def recommend.

  2. sue harrison from Darwen Lancashire

    I do struggle to sit the way it is asked for in the meditation but being guided to sit another way is useful and to know it is ok to do so. This was the first time I had heard of a merkaba and it led me to research and find out more, I use crystals regularly and it heightened the meditation for me <3

  3. Heather MacEwen from Scotland

    Perhaps, like me, you have used various guided meditations by other people, and enjoyed them. If you make the decision to listen to this guided meditation, like me, you will realise that every meditation before lacked the depth and connection to Source that is so beautifully expressed in this recording.
    This journey reaches into every corner of your soul and seems to enliven and charge energy within and around you. If you’re prepared for new avenues to open for your and to experience true Light, then this meditation is for you.

  4. Kelly Schwegel from Lake Mills, Wisconsin, USA

    I meditate often and every time I do this meditation I have such incredible surges of energy and contentedness to source energy that it is delightfully overwhelming. I get the sense that energy is somehow stored within the vibrations of the words and music and is transmitted to the listener each time played. AMAZING!

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