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We are a happy couple, who have been running this  company and trading internationally since 2007. We are dedicated to bringing awareness to people of God, Light, the one conscious energy and the angelic realm.

We do this through some free information on our social media websites under the name Jill Harrison Angel-Messenger, as well as live webinars, recordings, guided meditations and high-level mediumship. Jill Harrison is a Level 12 medium, accessing Archangels, Ascended Masters and angels, with teachings for the benefit of mankind.

Spiritual Guidance and Angelic Healing Meditation | Angel Messenger

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Spiritual Guidance and Angelic Healing Meditation | Angel Messenger

Directions Within The UK to Montagu House - SAT NAV  - DN227JJ 

Who are Glenn and Jill Harrison?


Glenn Harrison was born in the world famous steel and high quality cutlery-producing city of Sheffield, England, UK. He was brought up in some of the roughest parts of Sheffield and quickly learnt the meaning of ‘survival of the fittest’. His family upbringing was a hard lesson, with little or no family loving interaction.

He quickly became a ‘hard’ unloving man, who was afraid of giving love in case he was ‘taken advantage of’. Although baptised as a ‘Church of England’ Christian, his family never followed the faith and Glenn quickly became an atheist. He went through an extraordinary amount of pain in his life; both physical and emotional; to the extent that it would have buried most people.

A series of significant emotional events in 1993 transformed Glenn into a more caring, emotionally intelligent person. In 1994 he met Jill, who has become his wife, business partner, best friend, co-author and spiritual soul-mate over the last 25 years.  In 1996 he established a training company, which developed into teaching people Emotional Intelligence and better communication skills. In 2005 he was contacted by angels; which for an atheist, freaked him out. Laughing it off at first, Glenn had to sit up and take notice, as over months, the angels persisted in contacting him. Glenn was given a mission: “Ease their pain.”

Jill Harrison was born in the neighbouring steel town to Glenn, in Rotherham. At the very early age of around 4 years old, her psychic abilities became noticed. As you know, children are the tellers of pure truth at an early age. They have no inhibitions and no knowledge of reasons to lie. Jill would see a ‘grey lady’ occasionally. Usually at the top of the stairs in their home. This ‘grey lady’, in hindsight, Jill describes as translucent; as you would typically imagine a ghost; yet she was too young to understand what a ghost was. The lady seemed ‘real’ to Jill. Jill recalls the lady was short in height, around 5’ 0” (1.5m); quite plump; dressed smartly in Victorian ‘housemaid’ type clothing; and always greeted her with warmth, with a smile on her face Fortunately, Jill’s mother was open-minded about psychic abilities; and unlike most parents, didn’t dismiss Jill’s ‘imaginary’ friend.

That is… until the events which started to occur. Each time the ‘grey lady’ appeared, Jill would tell her mother; and within days, they would be told of a death in the family. It got to the point where Jill’s mum, on hearing of the ‘grey lady’, would start ringing up family to find out who was ill, in anticipation of her fears of another death. This soon led to Jill’s visions being suppressed by the family. At school, she would forecast similar events, which made her unpopular. She was quickly branded a witch and knick-named ‘Beamish’. She was often bullied and punched by boys; and lived her early school years with caution. She quickly learned that she was different; so around the age of 6, she consciously ‘shut out’ the spiritual messages. It was around this time that Jill was introduced to ballet. She trained after school and at weekends for 6 days a week; which led her to the British School of Ballet in London. She poured her life into ballet. Her certificates were all ‘Honours’; the highest achievement possible.

Sadly, her father lost his job, with the decline of the steel industry in the area, and had to withdraw Jill from the school, which at the time in 1977, was costing him £10,000 in fees and accommodation in London; 160 miles away from their home. In today’s money (2007), that’s around £40,000 ($76,000). Jill’s parents had both worked very hard to support Jill’s career potential; to the extent that her father worked evenings as a piano player in clubs, to support their outgoings.

Jill and I met in 1994. Jill waited 3 years before acknowledging her gift to me. She knew I was an atheist and that I scoffed at spiritualism, so kept it away from me in fear that I may think she was certifiably insane. Her gift was developing however, and it wasn’t long before she had no choice in showing me her gift. That gift has grown immeasurably since our first angelic encounter in 2005.

Our guided meditation CDs and our books are the first of many; dedicated to…

  • All the people who want to connect to God; light; the one conscious creative energy.
  • All the lost children's souls who didn't get the love and affection a child so dearly wants and needs.
  • All the people who were abused as children.
  • All those parents today that simply don't understand that they have children who are craving their love and attention; but fail to see it, leaving their children with the belief that they don't deserve love, and opening them to the emotional trauma of not feeling loved.
  • All the people who are in emotional pain and feel they have no-one to turn to or believe in.
  • All the people who have no religion; yet are still searching for a new belief. All the people who want to know the truth behind religion.
  • All the people that have forgone, or doubt their spiritual beliefs or their religion.
  • All the people who feel there is no hope and have no spiritual beliefs, one way or the other, regarding spiritual matters. All the people who wish to develop themselves and become more highly evolved.

May your light always shine on full beam.